The beautiful city of Preveza is located in the southernmost
part of Epirus and in the middle of the northwestern coast of Greece.

It is built on the north side of the Preveza, which connects the
Amvrakikos Gulf with the Ionian Sea.


Opposite it and only 600 meters away is the sandy promontory of Aktio,
known by the famous naval battle of 31 BC. In the past there was a cosmopolitan
destination and the various conquerors have left their mark.


The island city welcomes visitors from all over the world every year, especially in the summer season, which is almost always full. Its culturally active residents help to identify this wonderful place. 

Concerning the etymology of the name Preveza, the most widely accepted view of the researchers is that
Preveza means a Passage and that the word came from this form in the Slavic language. And indeed,
this city is a meeting place of many cultures, culinary tastes and great people.